Thursday, September 27, 2012

Miss Moss Welcomes Laura Díaz

Laura Díaz has a passionate soul that's in love with life. She believes life's not black and
white and her personal mantra is "only those who dare truly live" (Ruth Freedman).

Art, style and culture are her passions. Laura is a University of Louisville communication graduate with a minor in business. Her strongest fields of study were creative writing and advertising. She has interned at Stratego Communications and Creative Alliance; assisted at Couture magazine - for Fashion Week Panama (FWP) and written for The Louisville Cardinal, Lou Magazine, Ellas, IT Now and now she is the latest member of the Miss Moss team. 
Photo by Alain Jiménez.
Why communication?
I love that communication has such a wide range of fields: advertising, journalism and PR. I didn't want to be stuck with a career focused only on one thing because if I ended up not liking it there was pretty much no way out. I love how you can get to be creative and play with ideas and words by letting you get inspired in random elements and seek beauty where you thought you could not find it. This applies to my favorites of the three, advertising and writing. Both of them vary all the time with different cases, which I like because I love adrenaline and to celebrate uncertainty, I hate the routine. Each task is different, different target audiences, brands, values, points of view, stories to tell. I believe we write to explore what it means to be human.

My style
I guess I don't have a style defined; I just wear whatever outfit I feel communicates what I want to express. I don't follow fashion, I just trust my good eye and I think it has worked so far because I've won a couple of "best dressed" awards. I'm very eclectic. If I feel like a surfer, hippy, fashionista, bohemian, classy, sporty or chic girl, that's what I'll communicate with my clothes. Since I'm an environmentalist and animal defender, I haven't been buying leather at all or makeup that's tested on animals. Organic and eco-friendly materials will always be my top choice.
This pretty much describes who I am.
Tree painting "Roble Tropical" by Cisco Merel, "Music" by Charla Hayen 

& runway dress by Kenley Collins, Project Runway finalist season 5.

Any inspirations?
Well there's not a determined place where I go to find inspiration. Inspiration just hits you, it's spontaneous. Travelling always helps though. The places where I've found most inspiration are Casco Viejo, Morocco, Louisville, Amsterdam, Bocas del Toro and Prague. I do enjoy going to plays, expositions, museums, flea markets, festivals and trying new restaurants.

People/bands like Luke Sullivan, Pablo Neruda, Amy Winehouse, Brian Leung, Paulo Coelho, Isabel Allende, Jorge Drexler, Phoenix, Kate Nash, John Legend, Foster the People, George Barnett, Florence, Calvin Harris, The Noisettes, Calle 13, One Republic, Coldplay, Carlota Casiraghi, Lauren Conrad, Nikki Reed and M.G.M.T. are icons to me. I also admire Panamanian talent such as Cisco Merel, Señor Loop, Ramón Fonseca Mora, Virginia Campo, Polyphase, Jaime Newball, La Tribu Performance, Alejandra Araúz, Jorge Martínez, Michael Dunne, Ingrid de Ycaza and Fred Lammie.
Photo by Alain Jiménez.
Why Miss Moss?
When I found out what Miss Moss was, I was dazzled. I couldn't believe there was a company that offered all the things I love. I knew I had to be a part of it the minute I saw their blog. Being surrounded by other creative people and ideas got my attention. I knew Miss Moss was taking quality to the next level in Panama. I was passionate about it from day 1 until this day and I love being a part of the team.

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