Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trend-a-porter: Fall 2012

For Fall 2012 designers proposed bolder ideas such as androgyny, oversized outerwear, prints, gothic, military and baroque trends. From the XVII century to contemporary styles, there are a lot of options for mix-and-match. Innovative souls will trigger the trends and the rest will be coming on board. Will you take a step on the ship or sink underwater? Here is the Miss Moss trend-a-porter for Fall 2012...
Designers presented Baroque inspirations to the fashion lovers based on gold details, ornamentation, tapestry and brocades. These designs will remind you of chandeliers, palaces, rugs and antique illustrations. Revive the European XVII century style evocating magnificence and drama!

Miss Moss Styling tips:
 get a simpler look by just wearing 1-2 pieces or an accessory like a handbag. You don't need to look like Maria Antoinette to wear this trend, a matching baroque print suit it's definitely the way to get a trendy look. Wear it with structural pieces like jackets, pencil skirts or straight pants to make it look edgy or wear just a dress for a feminine look.
As acceptance for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) is going strong worldwide, so is androgyny. In fashion, boy meets girl and girl meets boy; now you can wear clothes from both wardrobes. Confusion and curiosity describe this trend very well, where people don't have to be labeled in one determined group of human sexuality.

Miss Moss Styling tips:
 to soften the look, choose pastels and floral prints without missing the straight lines and structured pieces of a male silhouette to keep the androgynous look.
Gothic is a synonym for black, capes, boots and crosses. Textures and shapes make the outfits pop without color. Androgyny plays a role in this trend as well, since both overlap in different runways. Mystic obscurity mixed with blood red lips is the perfect combination.

Miss Moss Styling tips: you can make it look sophisticated and chic by just playing with black pieces like dresses, suits, high heels and clean make up/hair.

Oversized Outerwear
Thanks to this trend coats are both functional and fashionable. Designers played with fabrics, colors, shapes and pockets to make these coats perfect for embracing cold weather in style. You will also notice wider sleeves and longer lengths.

Miss Moss Styling tips: take the oversized look to the opposite extreme: what about maximizing your creativity with clothes? For an alternative look wear oversized platforms on sneakers, creepers or flats. You can also wear oversized coats in bold colors and oversized t-shirts for a casual look. If you are into trends and sophisticated style, look for oversized jackets, hats, bags, dresses and accessories in general. Thinking big and wearing big statement pieces is the new black.

The classic way to make an outfit is: prints + solid color = look. Nowadays, people are making a twist by mixing prints in both, top and bottom, to make an outfit. It might not be for everyone, but people could give it a try. Finding the right balance will make people take notice.

Miss Moss Styling tips:
 to get the right look without falling off track, keep in mind the color palette of each print to make a great coordination of colors. Play with suits, dresses, blazers and even shoes and bags.
Military Style
Dark jackets, hats and long sleeves characterize the military trend. Khaki, black and olive green belong to this style, making it easy to recognize. Salute this trend with glory!

Miss Moss Styling tips:
 think about utilitarian pieces and masculine uniforms. The presence of olive color in shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, anoraks and hats as the main character is what makes you nail it. For an out-of-the-box look wear a camouflage jacket with high waisted shorts and match them with stripes on the top and dark lips for a hint of grunge.

Written by Laura Díaz and Liz Moreno

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  1. Great tips !
    i love the the fact that many collections have cabernet tones in them and the baroque is my fave.