Thursday, July 12, 2012

Travelling tips - What to pack and still look stylish

When I told resident stylist Liz Moreno I was going on a trip to New York and then on to London, I asked her for some advice on what I should pack as I wanted to look stylish, but still have enough room in my case that I could fill it with all the shopping I knew I would end up buying! 

Here are some of Liz's top travel packing tips:

"When packing for a trip try to think about all the places that you are going to visit, and most importantly make sure you are taking the right clothes depending on the weather, it doesn't matter if it's Summer, Spring, Autumn, or Winter, we all know places can experience many seasons in a day so it is always best to be versatile and well prepared for every kind of weather behavior.
There is nothing worse than packing summer dresses and bikini's and finding out its the worst summer on record in London ;) The best policy is to pack clothing that can be worn layered. Lightweight, easily layered clothing is convenient because layers can be added or removed as necessary depending on conditions."

Summer packing suggestions for one week trip

Shorts - 2 pairs (denim and black) high-waisted if you are more into the retro look and want to funk it up a bit. 

Pants (trousers) - 2 pairs. Jeans (denim, black or white) and / or white or black pants. Depending on your personal style and personality, you could also opt for coloured and patterned pants for a more outgoing look if you want to experiment. 

White shirt (your classic eternal and true best friend!). This could be in cotton, silk or linen depending on your style and the weather.

Tops - 4 or 5 max. (for 1 week trip). These tops could be in different colours and cuts, with prints, with sleeves and without sleeves, tops are what is going to change your daily looks, so get creative and be ready to mix and match as much as you can.

Jacket - Make sure to pack a jacket for the nights that sometimes get a little cold, it could be a leather or a denim jacket, or a blazer. Black, white, navy blue are easiest to match with, however this season it is also all about color. It's just about finding the perfect balance between the colors and shapes to create a personal look (chic, urban, edgy, classic, eclectic) depending on how you feel and how you want to express yourself. 

Dresses - 1 or 2 dresses - that can work on hot summers day but can also immediately transform a look from day to night. During the day you can wear it with a sweater over it and make it look like a skirt so no one gonna notice you wear the same dress twice, or just wear it as a dress. For evenings that are more fresh, you combine the dress with a jacket or blazer or perhaps pack a nice scarf or pashmina to wrap around your shoulders. 

- 1 or 2 pairs (ballerinas, oxfords, sandals, moccasins) I would suggest Melissa Shoes for flats and wedges as they have a huge variety of styles and it feels like you are walking in heaven, they are the perfect combination of style and comfort if you are planning to walk around the city.
High heels
- 1 pair. You never know when you are going to need them for all the parties and events you will go to! Wedges and platforms are a good option if you think you may also be walking and dancing a lot.
Ankle booties
1 pair, these are a good urban/street option and can look great with both shorts, jeans and dresses (all lengths)
I suggest you pack shoes in neutral colors or in the same palette as your clothes so that mixing and matching is easier and you don't need to pack so many options.

- To create the chameleonic effect, make sure to pack a mixture of accessories so you can transform your looks in few seconds. O
versize colourful necklaces and rings are great too. Sunnies, scarfs (for your neck, as headband or turban, etc) and a hat if you want protection with either the sun or the rain!

If you are going to cosmopolitan and funky cities such as New York or London you can get as creative as you want with different colours, textures, prints and layers. Remember fashion it's about having fun with whatever you have and creating your own personal style, it doesn't matter how complex it is, no one needs to understand it, just you!

Take a look at these items and how you can create different looks with the same pieces, for day and night! Also remember in these cities fashion is very experimental and sometimes clothes don't necessary need to make sense.  People feel free to wear night clothes during the day and day clothes during the night, they wear whatever they want to make themselves feel cool and authentic. Take a risk to try new ways of wearing your clothes when mix and matching and make sure to have a lot of fun!

Liz Moreno - Stylist and Fashion Consultant

Option 1 (The Miss and Matching)

Take a look at how fun it is to play with almost the same pieces to create new looks.

Option 2 (The Classy Cool Chick) - Miss Moss Style!

Just matching your shoes you can create different moods from relaxed to sophisticated or from day to night.

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