Wednesday, June 6, 2012

On the Creative Campaign Track - Our latest Inspirations

The best creative communication campaigns should bring about unique and unforgettable experiences for the target demographic. A current trend in campaigns is that the brand not only seeks to define and over-expose the image of a product, but to make the masses feel identified with it and with the whole lifestyle it represents. The identity and personality of a product say everything about its target consumer, and can even define it.

Converse Color Barcelona Campaign
This campaign created a hype through guerrilla street-marketing actions in the most emblematic areas of Barcelona, allowing people to keep painted items in the Converse colors as a souvenir of the Campaign. 300 bikes were painted with the colors from the new collection and spread in key places in the Catalan capital.This action consisted in doing something very altruistic like leaving bikes in the street, that people could try and go away with, for free. It was possible to locate the bikes through the Converse profile on Facebook, thus also exploiting the power of social media. At the end of the party, a mosaic with the Converse colors was created with beach accessories (sunshades, mats, balls and beach bags). Like the bikes, all those elements were given to those who found the beach.
212 VIP party with the Carolina Herrera Campaign
Everyone wants to be on the guest list right? This campaign inspired by young creatives, focuses on the glamour of NYC nightlife to create the 'exclusivity' factor for the brand through promotion of the most hottest party in town. They use the campaign as a platform to turn it into a real life dream, with characters that can represent the 212 style and live the experience of a VIP: "No lines, No introduction needed".
They followed this with a contest in some of the biggest fashion capitals, awarding the most VIP couples around the world with the fragrance.

Nike Campaign- The Super Natural Ride 
Named The Super Natural Ride, Nike has presented its latest interactive exhibition in Tokyo. The project has come as the creative collaboration of 11 talented illustrators, graphic designers and creative studios in Japan. The exhibition opened a few days ago at Yane Plaza in the center of Roppongi Hills in Tokyo.
Burberry's Store Opening in Taipei 
The only bright side of bad weather is that you can wear your trench coats, and no one knows that better then Burberry. Celebrating the opening of the first Burberry store in Taipei, Taiwan, the brand literally showed its adaptation of weather conditions by creating interactive and digital weather in a multi-sensory atmosphere. "It's basically the whole concept of the brand wrapped in one experience and a big celebration of the multifaceted jewel that is Burberry," the brand's creative director Christopher Bailey. "It's a celebration of Britishness all around the globe."

That celebration took place inside a cylindrical structure outside the Taipei store — which is housed in Taipei 101, the world's third largest skyscraper. British musician
Tom Odell performed there live for the first time, just before the structure's video screens surrounded guests with a short film showcasing everything Burberry is famous for — models walked along backdrops wearing the brand's classic trench coats and umbrellas, the perfect defense against computer-generated rain and Fall leaves.

ASICS Pushes Footwear to the Limit With Ingenious New Ads
Top sportswear manufacturer ASICS has recently launched a new super creative ad campaign that demonstrates the amazing capabilities of its footwear. In a series of ads that also feature real athletes, ASICS puts its footwear through every kind of test imaginable.

Dior Video Games Campaign 
Dior showcased their latest makeup collection as the elements of classic video games, re-inventing the concept of "makeup is a fun game" and reaching an entirely new audience of people who enjoy funky beauty products, even though Dior is a very classic brand.

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